Explore Your Soil's Food Web


Salem Soil Solutions is a certified Soil Food Web Laboratory. Using microscopy, we identify and measure the biology in your soil, compost, extracts and teas.

Benefits of a complete soil food web

Plant Health

Aerobic biology in the rhizosphere protect plants from pests and disease. 

Nutrient Cycling

Predator prey relationships within the soil food web release plant available nutrients. 

Soil Structure

Soil biology binds loose sand, silts and clays, creating an aerobic “soil sponge” that stores water, and sequesters carbon.   

Weed Suppression

The proper fungal and bacterial communities promote the plants you want to grow and suppresses the ones you don’t. 

What's in your soil?

"Our soil teams with a multitude of organisms which provide the necessary work for healthy plants to grow free from disease, pests, and infertility."
- Dr. Elaine Ingham


Soil Food Web Microbiological Assessment

Salem Soil Solutions offers Soil Food Web certified, biological soil assessments using microscopy.

Bio-complete Compost and Soil Food Web Consulting

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