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soil Assessments

We offer biological analyses of Soil Food Web microorganisms using methods and biological requirements for each stage of succession developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

  • Soil Biology Assessment ($100) includes fungal & bacterial biomass, protozoa & nematodes counts, fungal to bacterial (F:B) ratio and comparison with recommended ranges for desired/present plant.

The report provides information on the diversity of microorganisms, presence of disease-causing bacteria and fungi, root-feeding nematodes and other organisms indicating anaerobic/reduced oxygen conditions. Microscope pictures and evaluation of the quality of your material (color, structure, smell etc) are also included. 

How it works

1.) Schedule and pay for your soil assessment

Please email: salemsoilsolutions@gmail.com and/or call: (336) 624-2267 for scheduling and payment instructions. 

3.) Ship or drop off your sample

4.) receive your report