Salem soil solutions

How we can help

Salem Soil Solutions was created to support anyone that’s eager to understand and improve the biology in their soil, compost, extracts, and teas. Restoring a balanced soil food web is imperative for farmers, gardeners, land owners, landscapers, and compost producers alike. 

Providing and maintaining conditions for a complete soil food web allows growers to achieve healthy and productive plants without the use of costly inputs like pesticides and fertilizers.

Conducting regular soil assessments will take the guesswork out of improving your soil’s health and provide feedback on the biological activity that’s happening right now.

Salem Soil Solutions is a certified Soil Food Web Laboratory which uses microscopy techniques taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School. 
Our soil assessment reports feature a variety of metrics which give you insight into the health of your soil. Soil assessments include, but aren’t limited to: 
  •  Bacterial Biomass 
  • Actinobacterial Biomass
  • Fungal Biomass
  • Oomycete Biomass
  • Fungal to Bacterial Ratio
  • Protozoa counts (Flagelletes, Amoebas, and Ciliates)
  • Beneficial and Root Feeding Nematode counts

meet Your microscopist

Hi, I’m Pasquale Caccavella, 

My once casual gardening hobby has grown into a passion for permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and soil health. I’ve come to realize that the looming soil health crisis will only be solved by action and responsibility at the individual level. 

Upon receiving my SFWS Laboratory Technician certification I created Salem Soil Solutions. My one-man laboratory receives, conducts, and reports your soil assessment data for fast and personal service. 

I’m currently enrolled in the SFWS Consultant Training Program and hope to provide additional consulting services in the near future.